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The most asked questions.


How much will it cost to repair it?

We make sure that the repair cost do not exceed the value of the item. Our team will be the first to advise you
whether is worth repairing it or not. Don't make the common mistake, don't go out an buy a new item before
you give us a call. Yes, we are in the repair business, we don't sell anything and we will never try to sell you something 
that you don't need.To answer the question,in most cases the repair cost is below 35% of the replacement value.

Will it cost to get a quote?

We have an inspection fee on each item, this will be deducted off the cost of the repair when the repair is completed. The inspection charges are from $88.00 to $110.00.

Service providers that don't charge for an estimate will recover the cost from the next client.

In other words you end up paying more for the repair.


What is the warranty provided?

The standard parts and labour warranty with most repairs is 90 days. Some parts come with six months warranty. This will be outlined in your invoice.


Do you fix it in the home?

Minor repairs can be done in the house, however more often than not your item will need replacement parts and multiple trips to the home may

be required, this will increase the repair cost and in most cases limited time can be spent in the house to soak test the repair to verify it is completed fully.

Ask to speak with one of our technicians to establish if the symptoms are repairable in the home or is it best to repair it in the workshop.


Can we bring it to you?

Most definitely! This will save you at least $110.00. We can assist you getting items in and out of the car, if required.


Is it worth repairing?

At the end of the day it is up to you. Customers proceed with repairs because they are familiar with the unit or they purchased an

item of quality or it has not had any breakdowns to date.

Don't throw away a $2000.00 TV if the repair is $400.00 and buy a $500.00 budget brand as a replacement. This is often a false economy exercise.


Can I do it myself?

No! Every tradesman has had training in the field and it takes us extensive testing to find the fault and the cause of the failure and prevent it.

If you feel confident and capable, definitely go for it!  It may end up costing you more $ and time than getting it repaired by professionals. 


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It is the customer responsibility to remove the TV off the wall for all warranty repairs